Choose joy.   Be kind. 
Carry lovely bags, wallets, and pouches.

I’ve been operating bagsYOUtote as a business since 2016. Hello, I’m Barbara – steward, designer, and artisan of bagsYOUtote. I say steward instead of owner because God allows me to carefully manage bagsYOUtote to encourage you to find and develop your God-given gifts.

I am currently the only steward at bagsYOUtote. My vision is to wisely add women who also want to be part of bagsYOUtote and not only contribute to the design and sewing of lovely bags, wallets, and pouches, but also to encourage each other to discover our hearts’ desires, and guide and teach one another the skills needed for growing through the successes and disappointments of everyday living.

Have you ever started something with one vision in mind and ended up with another? When I started making cotton reusable grocery bags as a hobby, the next thing I wanted to do was to become known so I could sell them. Now, I want more. . . and less. More for you. Less for me, which actually will ends up being more for everyone.

to be continued . . .

Being the steward over bagsYOUtote is about more than just selling bags, wallets, and pouches.  It’s about creating an excellent product, providing exceptional customer care, and being a positive asset to my community.

I am driven by the love of Christ to use the talents He’s given me to serve in this world.  As I design and sew bags, wallets, and pouches I have the opportunity to encourage you to choose joy, be kind, have courage, and offer hope. 

I am excited that you’ve chosen or are considering our items to complement your style.  I would also like to encourage you to pass along your kindness by lightening someone else’s burden, even just a little.

Barbara W. Harris
Steward, Designer, Artisan
It’s not how heavy the burden, it’s how you carry it.