Choose joy.   Be kind. 
Carry lovely bags, wallets, and pouches.

I’ve been operating bagsYOUtote as a business since 2016. Hello, I’m Barbara – steward, designer, and artisan of bagsYOUtote. I say steward instead of owner because God allows me to carefully manage bagsYOUtote to encourage others to find and develop their God-given gifts.

My desire is to employ women who will contribute to the design and sewing of lovely bags, wallets, and pouches while also teaching the skills needed to grow through the successes and disappointments of everyday living in order to reach their goals.

I’m not waiting for bagsYOUtote to grow in order to help disciple other women.  I currently volunteer at Hope and Vine located in Wake Forest, North Carolina.  It’s an organization that mentors young women aging out of the foster care system.

The PUROSE of everything I do including bagsYOUtote is to glorify God.

The VISION of bagsYOUtote is to teach, guide, and encourage women to discover and develop their God-given gifts so they will live them out at home and work, in their families and communities.

The MISSION of bagsYOUtote is to employ women to sew bags, wallets, and pouches with excellent quality, give exceptional care to all, and be a positive contributor to online and local communities.

Matthew 11:28-30

Barbara W. Harris
Steward, Designer, Artisan
It’s not how heavy the burden, it’s how you carry it.